Social- and Health Sciences: New Research Project funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

On 1 st January Martina Kanning and her Social- and Health Science Group will start with the research project “Active Mobility in Urban Environments”. The project implies a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Stefan Fina from the Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development in Dortmund and is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. In this project, we examine the interrelation between features of the neighborhood environment, active mobility and mental health and include social...




Training and Movement Science: new publication

Louis-Solal Giboin, Andreas Kramer and Markus Gruber collaborated with the Lurija Institute, the Kliniken Schmieder and the university of Magdeburg to publish a paper in the journal NeuroImage called "Cortical, subcortical and spinal neural correlates of slackline training-induced balance performance improvements". The authors combined functional neuroimaging with functional neurophysiology measurements to assess changes occuring in the central nervous system following 6 weeks of slackline...

Tina Ulmer Preis 2019 für Christiana Rosenberg-Ahlhaus

Mit dem Tina-Ulmer-Lehrpreis würdigt die Manfred Ulmer-Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft an der Uni Konstanz herausragende Leistungen und überdurchschnittliche Innovationen in der Lehre. Wir gratulieren sehr herzlich zu dieser herausragenden Auszeichnung!

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