Human Performance Research Centre (HPRC)

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7 Neuromechanics Lab | Neuromechanik-Labor
8 Posture Control Lab | Gleichgewicht-Labor
9 Changing room | Umkleide
10 Technical room | Technik
11 Staircase | Treppenhaus

We follow two research areas which at their intersection bring together the fields of movement and exercise science.

Through inactivity models and studies on healthy active subjects, we aim to better understand how motor learning and exercise affect physical performance from the behavioral to the mechanistic level. With this knowledge we develop and test sensorimotor learning and exercise prescriptions to preserve health and counteract deteriorations and diseases of the human body related to inactivity and aging.

The HPRC labs provide state of the art scientific equipment for performance testing and for the investigation of physiological adaptations. A particular research focus of ours are mechanisms of neuromuscular control and the plasticity of this system following specifically tailored exercise interventions.

Physical Capacity - Exercise

Sensorimotor Control - Sensorimotor Learning


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