• Studying sport science
    Sports – performance – health

    Sport science focuses on human movement. It concerns itself with exercise and fitness, physical education at school, recreational sports, as well as professional and competitive sports. Sport science integrates theoretical and practical aspects from different fields and disciplines. Our sport science programme will provide you with the opportunity to thoroughly examine these various topics. Internationally recognized research and a natural science orientation set the foundation for an excellent education at the University of Konstanz. 

  • Our sporting disciplines:
    theory and practice


    Our spacious sports facilities on the shores of Lake Constance and near the Swiss and Austrian mountains provide you with excellent study and sporting conditions in summer and winter. Our enthusiastic teachers and partnerships with sports associations provide you with a first-rate education. 


  • Dance group


    The dance group of the University of Konstanz is a cultural highlight. They present their projects and shows regularly and allow you to gain an insight into the aesthetics of human movement. As a sport science student, you can take part in these projects. This could be an exciting experience for you – even if you are a little sceptical at first.





Ho Narro!

Auch 2019 lud die Fachschaft Sportwissenschaft zum traditionellen Weißwurst-Frühstück am Schmutzige Dunschtig.

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