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Welcome to the Chair of Sport Psychology. In our research we focus on motivational and volitional aspects of sports and exercise. These are also the main contents of our teaching. If you are interested in our work, please feel free to look around! 

The Sport Psychology Lab

The Sport Psychology Lab is equipped with methods and technologies from psychology, neuroscience, and physiology. This allows us to address our research questions from multiple angles. If you want to learn more about our lab, then please click on the picture on the left.


We believe that motivational and volitional processes are the key to understand athletic performance and exercise behavior. We use an interdisciplinary, multi-methods approach to better understand how these psychological  processes are associated with sports behavior.

Sport and Exercise Psychology - Theory and Application

The textbook "Sport and Exercise Psychology", edited by Prof. Dr. Julia Schüler is out now: Sport and Exercise Psychology: Theory and Application | SpringerLink

The book provides a thorough and comprehensive overview on topics and theories from Sport and Exercise Psychology, and is designed for students and practicioners alike.

Research Instruments by SportPsychologyLab

An integral aspect of our work at the Sport Psychology Lab involves the development, validation, and refinement of research instruments. The majority of these instruments are self-report measures designed to evaluate motivational or volitional constructs pertinent to our research. If you're interested in learning more about this research or wish to utilize these instruments for your own research, click here.

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