Sport Psychology: Spring/Summer Preprints

Check out the preprints the sport psychology team put our during the spring/summer term.

The Sport Psychology group has published several interesting preprints over the spring/summer term. Here, we have compiled them as a list, so you can get a quick overview about the current research of the group. Click on the links below, if you want to read the preprints: 

Bieleke, M., Stähler, J., Wolff, W., & Schüler, J. (2023). Development and validation of the Value of Physical Effort (VoPE) scale. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Bieleke, M., Wolff, W., & Bertrams, A. (2023). On the virtues of fragile self-control: Boredom as a catalyst for adaptive behavior regulation. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Meier, M., & Martarelli, C., Wolff, W. (2023). Bored participants, biased data? How boredom can influence behavioral science research and what we can do about it. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Rewitz, K., Schindler, S., & Wolff, W. (2023). Examining the alignment between subjective effort and objective force production. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Schüler, J, & Bieleke, M. (2023). Proactive behavior change techniques (ProBCTs) in physical activity and healthy eating? Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Stähler, J., Bieleke, M., Wolff, W., & Schüler, J. (2023). Different functions of physical effort: A scoping review of the value of physical effort in physical activity and sports. Preprint at PsyArXiv.   

Weilharter, F., Rewitz, K., Halperin, I., & Wolff, W. (2023). The relationship between prescribed ratings of perceived exertion and force production in repeated isometric contractions. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Wolff, W., Stähler, J., Schüler, J., & Bieleke, M. (2023). On the specifics of valuing effort: a developmental and a formalized perspective on preferences for mental and physical effort. Preprint at PsyArXiv.