Sport Psychology: Autumn/Winter Preprints

Check out the preprints the sport psychology team put our during the first part of the winter term.

The Sport Psychology group has published several interesting preprints over the first part of the winter term. Here, we have compiled them as a list, so you can get a quick overview about the current research of the group. Click on the links below, if you want to read the preprints: 

Zimanyi, Z, & Schüler, J. (2023). Effects of social support on task engagement and negative affect in a motoric task during social-evaluative stress: An experiment testing participants gender and social motives as moderators. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Martarelli, C, Weibel, D., Popic, D., & Wolff, W. (2023). Time in suspense: Investigating boredom and related states in a virtual waiting room. Preprint at PsyArXiv.

Xu, A., Frömer, R., Wolff, W., & Shenhav, A. (2023). Do you ever get tired of being wrong? The unique impact of feedback on subjective experiences of effort-based decision-making. Preprint at PsyArXiv.