Sport – Bachelor of Education (Secondary education)


In this bachelor of education programme you will acquire the professional skills to teach sports in secondary education at a German Gymnasium.

You will attend both theoretical as well as practical modules. The theoretical modules consist of courses in the natural sciences and medicine (anatomy, physiology, traumatology, sports medicine, biomechanics, training theory, rehabilitation) as well as courses in the social sciences (sports didactics, sports education, sports psychology, sports sociology, history of sports). You will also attend seminars such as apparatus gymnastics, track and field athletics, swimming, dance and rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball, acrobatics, martial arts or roller skating. Thanks to our geographic location near the lake and the Alps, our focus areas include water sports, winter sports and alpinism. In the theoretical modules you will get to know all important research areas. In the special teacher education modules you will learn how to pass on your knowledge to your pupils as well as develop your own personality.


DegreeBachelor of Education (Secondary education)
Programme startWinter semester
Period of study6 semesters
Application period27.05.- 15.7.
Admission restrictionsyes
Number of places:41

Why study Sport at Konstanz?

Our geographic location is very attractive and provides great opportunities for sport activities. During the summer you can enjoy water sports at Lake Constance, in the winter time you can practice winter sports in nearby Switzerland and Austria. In addition to that our university sport offers a wide variety of activities. The University of Konstanz is university partner of top sports.



Prospects and opportunities

Career prospects

Studying teacher education at the University of Konstanz will qualify you first and foremost for a teaching post in the state of Baden-Württemberg. When choosing the subjects you wish to study, you should note that your employment chances will partly depend on your combination of subjects. Normally, you will complete your bachelor’s degree after 6 semesters and continue with your master's programme (4 semesters). You will then complete 18 months as a trainee teacher (Referendariat) at a school in Baden-Württemberg. After successfully completing your 'Referendariat', you will be fully qualified to teach at a German Gymnasium (secondary school). Your professional post will preferably be at a school in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In principle, there is also the possibility of applying for a position in other federal states (among other things, this depends on the subject combination required by each specific state).

You can find out more about career entry in the interview series #dreamjob - Starting a career. Alumni of the University of Konstanz report on their very personal career entry.

Graduate studies

Starting in the winter semester 2017/18, you can continue in the Master of Education programme at the University of Konstanz.

Programme structure

Programme start

Winter semester

Academic structure

You will study two major subjects. You may freely combine your choice of subjects from those offered at the University of Konstanz. But you should note that some subject combinations demand a higher level of organisation and work. This is why we recommend you to seek more information and personal advice before entering your application. The bachelor's programme generally lasts for 6 semesters and is concluded with a bachelor thesis. To continue with the master's programme, you will need to make a new application. The master's programme generally lasts for 4 semesters. A combination of three subjects is not available in the bachelor's programme. It might, however, be possible to study a third subject for future teaching purposes during the master’s programme.

The study programme for future teachers consists of the following elements:

  • Academic studies: Studies in both of the future teaching subjects
  • Teaching methodology: Acquisition of subject-specific theories and methods for teaching the subject matter
  • Educational science: Acquisition of educational and other qualifications relevant to a teaching position
  • Practical experience: During your bachelor's programme you will complete a 3-week orientation internship and during your master's programme a 12-week practical teaching semester.

You can find an exemplary structure of the study programme in this table.

Additional information about the programme structure is available at the Exam regulations (in German).

Mandatory main subject

    Internship and study abroad


    During your bachelor's programme you will complete a 3-week orientation internship and during your master's programme a 12-week practical teaching semester.

    Study abroad

    A period of study abroad is always highly recommended. You can spend semesters abroad at numerous European and non-European universities. The university promotes study abroad via the ERASMUS programme and numerous other exchange programmes.


    What interests and skills should I have?

    As a teacher you need a variety of skills and competences. You should of course be fascinated by the contents of your subject, and at the same time enjoy sharing your knowledge with your young students. You will need to be able to develop teaching concepts, sometimes with your teacher colleagues, and you will need to demonstrate a high level of educational skills in your daily work with children and adolescents. In addition to this, you will need a variety of social competencies. These include communication skills, conflict ability, resilience and the ability to inspire and motivate. These skills will also help you when interacting with parents. You are basically responsible for creating a positive learning environment which enables your school students to develop and become well-equipped for the challenges of the future.

    In brief:

    • Enthusiasm for the subject and for teaching children and adolescents
    • Communication skills
    • Resilience

    Language skills

    Foreign language skills
    You do not have to proof any foreign language skills.

    German language skills
    International applicants additionally need documentation of their German language skills, level DSH-2 or TestDaF 4, or a language test recognised as equivalent. The University of Konstanz does not offer preparatory German language courses or approved German language exams. For this reason, you must submit accredited proof of your German language skills along with your application.

    Language(s) of instruction

    The language mainly used in class is German.

    Admission requirements

    General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or equivalent.

    Compulsory sports entrance test
    You have to complete the sports entrance test before we can admit you to the sports programme. You will be tested in the following fields:

    • Track and field athletics
    • Swimming
    • Athletic gymnastics
    • Dance and rhythmic gymnastics (only female applicants)
    • Ball games

    Please note that you have to register for the sports entrance test by 15 May at one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg. All universities in Baden-Württemberg that offer a sports study programme hold this entrance test once per year. You cannot apply for the study programme without having successfully passed the sports entrance test! You will find more information and the dates for the sports entrance test on the department webpages.

    You will find the current regulations for the selection process in the admission regulations.

    Mandatory online self-test
    Before applying for our Bachelor of Education programme you need to take an online self-test. This test will help you to decide whether teaching and working daily with children and adolescents is suitable for you. Please send in your test certificate together with your application papers.


    Semester fee

    All students enrolled at the University of Konstanz are charged a semester fee each semester, similar to all other German universities. Here you can find the current semester fee and its individual components.

    Tuition fees for first degree studies for certain international students
    Since winter semester 2017/18, the state of Baden-Württemberg has required some international students to pay tuition fees for their first degree studies. The following students are not required to pay tuition fees: citizens of a country within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), doctoral students and certain “Bildungsinländer” (e.g. non-EU citizens with a German “Abitur”). More detailed information can be found here.

    Each year, the University of Konstanz grants exemptions to a limited number of particularly gifted international degree-seeking students in accordance with the university’s “Begabtenbefreiungssatzung” (statutes governing the exemption of gifted students). More detailed information can be found here.

    Tuition fees for second degree studies for all students
    All students are required to pay tuition fees for their second degree studies. More detailed information can be found here.

    Application and application documents

    This study programme has admission restrictions.

    An application is possible during the following period: 27.05.- 15.7. (winter semester). There may be other deadlines if you are applying for admission to a higher semester (for instance, if you are changing subjects or universities). For more information please consult the university website.

    Application documents

    You will find an overview of the required application documents in your application for admission, which you will receive at the end of your online application.