Doctoral studies/ habilitation (post-doctoral qualification)

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies build on a completed university degree and allow for a research-oriented specialisation in a subject. By independently contributing to scientific research, doctoral students will improve their skills in scientific argumentation.

After acquiring a master’s degree in sport science or a comparable qualification, it is possible to become a doctoral researcher.

The different research areas in sport science at the University of Konstanz offer a number of possibilities to earn your doctorate.

For further information about the application, enrolment and requirements, please visit the university website.

Habilitation (post-doctoral qualification)

Completing a habilitation (post-doctoral qualification) confirms that an individual has a special qualification for research and teaching in a specific subject area. Furthermore, a post-doctoral qualification awards the individual the right to teach independently within an academic field and to thus hold the title of Privatdozent (lecturer).

For further information, please visit the university website.