Johanna Stähler

Doctoral Candidate

Hard Facts



2021-2023: Researcher at the Chair of Sport Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany


2021-now: Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Sport Psychology, University of Konstanz, Germany

2020: M.Sc. Psychology at the University of Konstanz, Germany

2019: B.Sc. Psychology at the University of Konstanz, Germany

My Research & Me

“ In my research, I am all interested in physical effort in sports and exercise applying neurological, physiological, and psychological methods in the research thereof. My main focus lies on the intrinsic value of effort in sports. Yes, effort is not always and not for everyone unpleasant - some love their sport because it gives them pleasure to exert themselves. But why do some people prefer physical effort, and others always choose the easiest way? Can we learn to appreciate effort? Is one’s evaluation of physical effort expressed in their behavior? Even though there are still unanswered research questions about the value of effort, my work has at least led to the fact that I have learned to appreciate the effort in various areas of lab and life.”

Bachelorthesis & Masterthesis

If you are interested in physical effort and its valuation and would like to put research efforts into investigating physical effort, please get in touch with me. We then can talk about currently available topics, for example, in the ProPELL study (Promoting physical activity in lab and life).

Note: Depending on your study program and background, you can do your thesis in German or English.


  1. Wolff, W., Bieleke, M., Stähler, J., & Schüler, J. (2020). Too Bored for Sports? Adaptive and less-adaptive latent personality profiles for exercise behavior. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 101851.

Full publication list: click here.


Advanced Data Analysis (M.Sc.)

Hauptseminar Sportpsychologie: Motivation und Volition (B.Edu.)

Project Seminar II (M.Sc)

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