Prof. Dr. Martina Kanning


Research interests

  • How can we explain and change physical activity in everyday life
  • What can we do to implement effectively interventions
  • What are the next steps to extend and enhance the approach of ambulatory assessment

Completed projects

  • AMbit – Active Mobility in urban environments (2020-2022; funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) 
  • Family + - Linking family based and school bades interventions strategies to promote energy-balance related behaviors in primary school children (2020-2022; funded by the Federal Ministry of Health)
  • Exercise and Sport in Forensic Psychiatry (2016-2023; third party project funded by the Centre of Psychiatry Reichnau

Current projects

  • EKIP - Evaluation Kinaesthetics in nursing home staff (2020-2024; funded by the AOK Baden-Württemberg)
  • Exercise and Sport in Forensic Psychiatry (2023-2027; third-party project funded by the Centre of Psychiatry Reichenau)

Publications (selection)

Kanning, M., Yi, L., Yang, Ch., Niermann, Ch., & Fina., S. (2023). Mental health in urban environments: Uncovering the black box of person-place interactions requires interdisciplinary approaches. Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) MHealth and uHealth,11, e41345. Doi: 10.2196/41345

Kanning, M., Bollenbach, L., Schmitz, J., Niermann, Ch., Fina, S. (2022). Analyzing person-place interactions during walking episodes: Innovative ambulatory assessment approach of walking-triggered e-diaries. Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) Formative Research, 6 (11), e39322, doi: 10.2196/39322

Reichert, M., Giurgiu, M., Koch, E., Wieland, L.M., Lautenbach, S., Neubauer, A.B. …. Kanning, M. et al. (2020). Ambulatory Assessment for physical activity research: State of the science, best practice and future directions. Psychology of Sport & Exercise, 50,

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Responsible mainly for theory classes in the field of social and health science.

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