Dr. Amelie Heinrich

Scientific Staff

Research interests and projects

  • Social Factors of Sports Performanc
  • Women in Elite Sports
  • Expertise Research
  • Outdoor Education & Outdoor Sports

Publications (selection)

Heinrich, A., Köhler, H., Müller, F., Stoll, O., & Cañal-Bruland, R. (2022). The impact of co-acting competitors on shooting performance in elite biathletes. Journal of Sports Sciences, 1-9.

Heinrich, A., Müller, F., Stoll, O., & Cañal-Bruland, R. (2021). Selection bias in social facilitation theory? Audience effects on elite biathletes' performance are gender-specific. Psychology of Sport and Exercise55, 101943.

Heinrich, A., Hansen, D. W., Stoll, O., & Canal-Bruland, R. (2020). The impact of physiological fatigue and gaze behavior on shooting performance in expert biathletes. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport23(9), 883-890.

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Responsible for theory and practice of mountain sports (in cooperation with Dr. Sarah Spengler)

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Awards and Grants

  • German Academic Scholarship
  • Elin Johnson Scholarship (The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences)
  • 1st prize dvs-Promotionspreis sponsored by Hofmann-Verlag (award
    from the German Association for Sports Science for the best sports
    science doctorate in the German-speaking world within a two-year time frame)

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