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Social and Health Sciences: New Publication in BMC Public Health

Doing exercise or sport together with one’s child is positively associated with mothers’ momentary affect in daily life, but not with higher levels of overall physical activity

Together with researchers from the University of Southern California Martina Kanning, chair of Social and health Sciences, investigated whether spending time together with one’s child or the combination of spending time together and simultaneously doing exercise or sport together is associated with momentary affective…

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Social and Health Sciences: New Publication in Journal of Family Studies

The article is a collaborative work of Christina Niermann and colleagues from Leipzig University (Alexandra Ziegeldorf, Hagen Wulff, Petra Wagner). We investigated how children and parents perceptions of parenting behaviors correspond and how these perceptions are related to individuals’ motivational factors and children’s physical activity.

Felix Arway joined the Social and Health Sciences Group and we warmly welcome him!

Felix Arway got his master’s degree in psychology in December 2019 at the University of Konstanz. His focus was on Health Psychology, where he also wrote his master’s thesis “Social Health Behavior. Is "social" healthier?” Now he is engaged in the research project “Familie+ -Zusammen gesund leben in Familie und Schule”

Social and Health Sciences: New Research Project funded by Federal Ministry of Health

“Familie+ - Zusammen gesund leben in Familie und Schule” is a project that focuses on the question how families could be reached and integrated in intervention programs in the context of preventing overweight and obesity in primary school aged children. The aim is to change energy-balance related behaviors (e.g. physical activity, sedentary behavior, dietary intake, and sleep) by using a participatory approach to develop, implement and evaluate behavior change strategies in schools and families.…

Social- and Health Sciences: New Research Project funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

On 1 st January Martina Kanning and her Social- and Health Science Group will start with the research project “Active Mobility in Urban Environments”. The project implies a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Stefan Fina from the Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development in Dortmund and is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. In this project, we examine the interrelation between features of the neighborhood environment, active mobility and mental health and include social…