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    Our research is based on a social-ecological paradigm and focuses on physical activity in everyday life. We are interested in the conditions that facilitate or hinder individuals to become active and the extent to which physical activity affects mental health.

  • Ambulatory Assessment

    We use innovative ambulatory assessment approaches to address the dynamic interplay between physical activity and mental health and to investigate the impact of situational factors. Furthermore, these approaches help us to increase ecological validity of activity and mental health assessments.

Current news

Amelie Heinrich wins "dvs-Promotionspreis gefördert vom Hofmann-Verlag"

Dr. Amelie Heinrich wins the "dvs-Promotionspreis gefördert vom Hofmann-Verlag", which is awarded to the best sports science doctoral thesis in the German-speaking area within a time frame of two years. The dissertation, entitled "Elite Biathlon - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Unravel the Intricate Links Between Biological, Psychological and Social Factors Determining Biathlon Performance," was supervised by Prof. Oliver Stoll (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) and Prof. Rouwen…

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