• Welcome to the Chair of Training and Movement Science

    We conduct research and teach courses on sports and the fundamentals of human movement from the perspective of the natural sciences. Learn more about us on this Website!

  • Our Mission

    To investigate mechanisms that determine neuromuscular performance and how exercise can affect these mechanisms. With this knowledge, we develop innovative exercise interventions in health and disease.

  • Sensorimotor Performance Lab

    The SPL serves as a center for fundamental research and intervention studies, that address the prevention and treatment of major degenerative conditions associated with physical inactivity and aging as well as the optimization of athletic performance.

  • Teaching lab

    The teaching lab is one example of our innovative hands on teaching approach. Here students work with state of the art measurement processes, conduct exemplary experiments and learn to answer research questions by means of self-collected data. Thus, they experience the science of human movement and understand the link between theoretic knowledge and experiment.


Training and Movement Science: New publication on neuroplasticity

The article "Neuroplasticity following short-term strength training occurs at supraspinal level and is specific for the trained Task" has been published in Acta Physiologica. It is known that training, including strength training, follows the specificity principle: "You get what you train for". Here, we observed that after 4 strength training sessions, the corticospinal excitability, but not the spinal excitability, was decreased, but only while performing the trained strength task and not while...

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