A party for athletes, what else? Just like each stretch of the Tour de France is unique, each of our parties has its own distinct character. After our party for first-semester students, we kick off each semester with the ASTA-Party. Then it is time for the hottest party of the semester, the Mount Everest of every mountain climber, the World Cup of every football player, the Wimbledon of each tennis player, the Olympic gold medal... Each semester the Sportlerparty goes into the next round of the competition! So put on your best uniforms and lace up your sneakers, stretch your calves and pedal for all it’s worth. Get ready for a wide range of challenges! We offer isotonic drinks to help you do your best. Our specials for the night will keep all you athletes well-hydrated. We hold to the old racing adage: The last to brake is faster for longer!! So hop on your bikes and party with us!

"Schmotziger Dunschdig"

Being a sports student is more than just hitting the books, it is a lifestyle. Since we are a big family, we take every opportunity to prove it. For this reason, the Student Council Sport Science organises a roaring “Schmotzigen Dunschdig” carnival celebration each year. We start things off with a breakfast of Bavarian sausages and socialising. It’s a great way for athletes to kick off the region’s carnival celebration together.

It only means one thing if you see pirates and pelicans dancing together, cowboys and native Americans living in harmony, Super Mario petting a cat or princesses not fleeing from dragons: It must be carnival season!

On the traditional holiday “Schmotzigen Dunschdig”, lions can be friends with zebras and anything is possible! So come and join in the celebration, start things off right with a sausage, a pretzel and a cool refreshing drink. It all starts off at 10:00 and the Student Council Sport Science welcomes you to join in the fun!