Student Council Sport Science

What do we do at the Student Council Sport Science?

The Student Council Sport Science is a group of about 25 sports students. We represent the interests and wishes of the entire sports student body and actively campaign for the improvement of teaching and the entire range of courses. We are in close contact and exchange with students, lecturers, professors and tutors. Through this cooperation, we try to improve the quality of teaching together. In order for this to be possible, we are of course dependent on the suggestions of our fellow students, whose opinion is important to us and which we represent.

Our areas of responsibility: 

  1. D6-/Professional meetings
    - Communication with the department in regular meetings
    - D6: current topics of the students
    - Prof Meeting: general topics of sports science
  2. QSG-Funds
    - Administration of quality assurance funds (e.g. tutoring funds, "Ersti-Hütte")
  3. Lafata/BuFaTa
    - Exchange with sports student bodies throughout Baden-Württemberg (LaFaTa) and Germany (BuFaTa)
  4. Student Coucil Conference (FSK)
    - Exchange with other student councils at the University of Kn in weekly meetings
    - Dealing with issues that directly affect teaching and research e.g. use of tuition fees
  5. Ständiger Prüfungsausschuss (stPA)
    - Decisions on applications for hardship
    - Student council sits on the committee as an advisory member
  6. Finances
    - Administration of the FS account
    - Annual budget and statement of accounts
  7. Events/Erstis
    - Main organisation of all events
  8. Social Projects and Sponsoring
    - Finding sponsors for all FS events
    - Social projects: Raising funds through raffle for Sportlerherz
  9. Communication and Media
    - Managing FS email, website, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  10. Material and textiles
    - Management of material stock, material rental
    - Main organisation of textile ordering

The Student Council Sport Science strives to:

• continually improve the study programmes
• work with lecturers and professors
• represent student interests (in university bodies)
• promote a sense of community among sports students
• provide orientation and support for new students