Sportpsychology: Public Lecture at the University of St. Gallen

In German: "Neujahrsvorsätze - Warum erreichen wir unsere Ziele häufig nicht?" ("New Year's Resolutions - why do we often fail to reach our goals?"

At the University of St. Gallen, Chair of Sport Psychology Member Wanja Wolff gave a public lecture on goal-striving ("Zielstreben"), implementation intentions ("wenn..., dann..."-Pläne) , and willpower ("Willenskraft) in the context of new year's resolutions.  Why do we frequently fail to achieve our new year's resolutions and how can willpower and implementation intentions help us to be more successful?  

Learn more about the teams research interests on self-control (here). In collaboration with the Social Psychology & Motivation group of the University of Konstanz we investigate the effects of implementation intentions on performance, perception, and brain activity. Learn more about this research here. For a recent publication on the topic, click here.