Sports entrance test

Prospective bachelor degree and teacher education students must complete a sports entrance test to demonstrate their physical capacity to perform during their sport science studies. This test is carried out annually at all universities in Baden-Württemberg that have a sport science study programme.

Dates and deadlines

The sports entrance test takes place once a year, usually at the end of May or beginning of June. You need to register for the test by May 15th at one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg. The dates for each year will be announced before the registration period.

Date of test                        29 May 2020
Date of retest                    07 July 2020
Registration period        15 March - 15 May

In the event that a large number of applicants register for the test, the board of examiners may extend the testing period to two days.

Applicants may take part in the retest if:

  • they had to abort their first test attempt
  • they suffered an injury during the test
  • they did not pass the test
  • they were not able to take the test due to an illness/accident (medical certificate from a doctor is needed)

Registration and fees

In addition to the application form, a medical  certificate (not older than four months) must be submitted that confirms the applicant’s capacity to carry out sport activities.

Online registration for the sports entrance test (March 15 to May 15)

The University of Konstanz charges a fee of 40 euros for the sports entrance test (registration, participation, administrative processing).  Having the test results from other universities recognised costs 20 euros. The applicable amount will be directly debited from your account. A refund of paid fees is not possible.

Recognising test results from other institutions

1.A complete exemption from the test due to substitute school certificates such as "Leistungskurs" or "Neigungskurs" is not possible .

2. Partial exemptions are, however, possible if the applicant chose sports as an exam subject for the Abitur (German general higher education entrance qualification) and received at least 8 points. Exam results should be submitted in the form of a school certificate before the registration deadline (May 15).

3. The Abitur exam results in track and field and gymnastics will be accepted, regardless of which disciplines the applicant chose for the Abitur exam.

4. Cooper-Test results will not be recognised for the sports entrance test.

5. Complete recognition of test results from universities outside of Baden-Württemberg is only possible for the following institutions:

Ruhr University Bochum, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, TU Darmstadt and the German Sport University Cologne

In order to have the test results from these universities recognised, a written application must be submitted before the registration deadline. This process costs 20 euros (see fee regulations). Additionally, you must register for the sports entrance test before the deadline. 

6. The sports entrance test results from other universities in Baden-Württemberg will be accepted without restrictions. Test results from teacher training colleges (Pädagogische Hochschulen) will not be accepted.


The following disciplines will be tested:

  • Track and field
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Ball games (basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer)
  • Rhythmic gymnastics and dance (female applicants only)

The tests in track and field and swimming will be conducted in accordance with the current competition rules of the respective professional associations. In swimming, track and field and ball games, only the disciplines that you selected during registration will be tested.

Detailed information about the requirements are included in the brochure sports entrance test (in German only). 

Info-video on gymnastics test (without apparatus)

Info-video on gymnastics test (with apparatus)

Info-video gymnastics: parallel bars (for men)

Info-video gymnastics: floor

Info-video gymnastics: vault

Info-video gymnastics: horizontal bar (for women)

Successful participants receive a certificate that is valid for the admission processes for the subsequent three years.

For example: A certificate issued in 2020 is valid for the admission process of the winter semesters 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/23.