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Starting in the 1990s, the University of Konstanz had a dance group called “Cat Step”, which presented numerous shows in the area. The group dissolved in 1994, after its director left the university.

In 2007, the dance group group was revived by Dr Christiana Rosenberg-Ahlhaus. Since then, the group has had a major performance each year. Several examples include:

2007: Opening ceremony for the "Weltgymnastrada" in Dornbirn („ Die vier Elemente“)

2009: Kulturabend im K9 („Slow me down“)

2010: Dance matinée in the Marianum Hegne

2011: Dance evening with the university orchestra („Sinfonische Tänze von L. Bernstein“)

2011: Gala and performance at the Landesgymnastrada

2011: Dance performance with the Musikschule Meckenbeuren („Carmensuite“)

2012: Performance at the sencond „Lange Nacht der Wissenschaft“

2012: Guest performance at the "Tanz in Schulen" in Villingen-Schwenningen ("Tears in Heaven" with ive music)

2012: Performance at the Jubiläumsgala des TV Konstanz with "Black Earth"

2012: Matinée in the Marianum (Hegne)

2013: May: Performances as part of the GEWA

2013: July: Performances in the Konzil during the choir festival. "Canto General" led by Konstantin Tsakalidis

2014: Participation in "Streetmatch"- a street performance by Konstantin Tsakalidis 

2014: "Vor dem Gesetz" a performance based on Franz Kafka which took place on 25 and 26 October 2014 in the university's studio stage. (choreography by Christiana Rosenberg) 

2015: "Vor dem Gesetz" was performed at the theatre festival in Angers, France 23-26 March 2015.

2015: "The Wind that shakes the Barley" performance at "Konstanzer Welten"

2016: Performance of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" (choreography: Christiana Rosenberg)

2017: Performance of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" (stage adaptation and choreography: Christiana Rosenberg)



The dance group is open to students with dance and show experience on an intermediate level. Men are very welcome as well. Stylistically, the group works in the field of contemporary dance. The practice contains classic, as well as contemporary elements. If you would like to come for a test training, please contact Dr Christiana Rosenberg-Ahlhaus via email. You may usually enter the group at any time.


Training and rehearsals


The group practices regularly, also in between terms 2x/week: Tue 11:45-13:15 and Thu 11:45-13:15 in the gymnastics hall of the university. There are additional rehearsals before shows.