Sensorimotor Performance Lab (SPL)


As insight into muscle activity is important for most of the studies conducted in the SPL, we have four EMG systems: one cable-bound (sixteen-channel Delsys Bagnoli), two wireless (sixteen-channel Delays Trigno) and one wireless eight-channel Myon 320.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS)

We have three stimulators for PNS, a Digitimer DS7AH and DS7A and an Alea Solutions AS100. The pulse shape and duration of the AS100 can be freely programmed and has a maximum amperage of 100 mA. The DS7AH provides only high-current rectangle pulses. This equipment is predominantly used in studies examining the muscle twitch force and the H-Reflex.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

The TMS is applied via a figure-eight coil and the stimuli are generated by a MagVenture MagPro R30 with MagOption. TMS is used to stimulate parts of the motor cortex in order to evoke muscle activity that can be recorded via EMG. Combined with other methods (such as PNS and dynamometry), this TMS-evoked muscle activity can be used to observe corticospinal modulations or to assess central and supraspinal fatigue.