Neuromechanics Lab (NML)

Force plates

Three types are used in the lab, two AMTI BP600400, three Novotec Leonardo GRFP and one Kistler force plate. The AMTI force plates are integrated into the Vicon motion capturing system, whereas the three Leonardo systems are transportable and only require a Laptop with the Leonardo Mechanography software to record parameters such as peak force, power, center of force displacement or jump height.

Motion analysis

For precise indoor measurements we are working with a Vicon motion capturing system. It is comprised of 12 T40S cameras and enables us to accurately capture high speed human movements. For outdoor measurements we use 12 rugged Casio Exilim EX-F1 cameras recording with a maximum of 1.200 fps. To capture even faster movements we use an EoSens mini2 high-speed camera, which records at a rate of up to 40.000 fps.

Sledge Jump System

The sledge jump system was developed by Novotec medical GmbH and has been assessed in several studies on behalf of the ESA in cooperation with the University of Freiburg. It enables the user to perform reactive jumps against an adjustable force in the absence of gravitational forces. It has four low-pressure cylinders which can produce up to 120 kg and two ground reaction force plates to measure the produced power.

Gait analysis

To assess gait parameters such as velocity, step and stride length or step-to-step variability, two ten-meter Microgate Optogait system are being used. Gait analyses play an important role in the clinical assessment of gait stability and fall risk.