Exercise Physiology Lab (EPL)


The Geratherm Respiratory Ergostik breath-by-breath gas analyzer with an integrated wireless ECG (Amedtec ECGPro) can be used to assess aerobic performance as well as movement economy. The Ergostik can measure gas exchange with up to 0.1% accuracy by the electrical chemical cell principle.


The Lactate Pro 1 is analysing the blood lactate value out of aprox. 5µl blood (from the ear lobe). It takes 60s to get the result and the measuring range goes from 0.8 up to 23.2mmol/l. The Lactate Pro 2 only needs aprox. 0.3µl blood and shows the result after 15s. The devices are scientifically validated against laboratory machines.

Heart rate & activity monitoring

The Polar V800 is the latest model of the company and provides multiple possibilities. In addition to the heart rate measurement and the manifold Polar functions, it has integrated acceleration sensors, which allow us to monitor the activity of the subjects 24hours a day.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The Telozo Clue Medical -  is a multifunctional tool for measuring the changes in the autonomic nervous system and the regulatory capacity of the heart. The measurable variables are: average duration of the RR intervals, difference between an RR interval and the average RR interval during the measurement period, absolute heart rate variability (SDNN) in milliseconds and relative heart rate variability (CV) in %.

Cycle Ergometer

The Ergoline 200k is a medical ergometer which is accurate according to DIN VDE 0750-238 from 6 to 999 watts. It has an adjustable handlebar and allows a motor-driven adjustment of the saddle height with the patient sitting on the ergometer. Furthermore it has an automated blood-pressure measurement and is compatible with our Geratherm Software (Ergospirometry) and the Amedtec ECG.