Training and Movement Science: New publication on inactivity

The article "How to prevent the detrimental effects of two months of bed-rest on muscle, bone and cardiovascular system: an RCT" was published in "Scientific Reports". The study investigated the effects of a short intensive jump training program as a countermeasure to inactivity during two months of bedrest. The results show that the low-volume, high-intensity jump training protocol used in the study was very effective despite its very short duration (three minutes of exercise per training session). It was able to maintain structure and function of three different organ systems at once (bone, neuromuscular and cardiovascular system) with only one exercise mode. Possible applications for such a training program include sedentary populations, astronauts on long-term space missions, and the elderly, especially those with a high osteoporosis risk.

The study was published by the Sensorimotor Performance Lab members Andreas Kramer und Markus Gruber and is part of the research projects Physical Inactivity and Plyometrics.